Clients trust Protec to provide prompt, cost-effective procurement of materials and equipment

What you need, when you need it, for the price you want

Without a diverse array of trusted suppliers, the costs of your construction materials and equipment can quickly spiral out of control. Also, you risk getting saddled with subpar products due to a lack of options, which can create serious safety issues. Eliminate these risks by leveraging Protec’s network of dependable, quality suppliers for your project’s procurement needs.

Partner with Protec and we’ll give you access to knowledgeable product directors who have experience with every major category of materials and equipment. We’ll also take charge of the logistics and handling of your orders to ensure timely and accurate delivery to your job site. If your project requires imported matériel, we can also handle the licensing and compliance with all relevant regulations. You’ll have exactly what your project needs, delivered complete and on time, at the best possible market price.



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Engineering and Construction

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Operations and Maintenance

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