Protec will ensure your project has a detailed roadmap that will put you on the path to success

Your completed project will only be as strong as its foundations — we ensure yours are strong

The Protec Planning Team will work with you to set up the most successful project possible. We’ll closely examine cost histories along with current market conditions to provide a value analysis and recommend cost-controlling measures. We’ll also deliver meticulous estimates, emergency plans, risk assessments, and breakdowns of expenses to minimize potential problems with the construction of your project.

Protec Construction Inc.’s team can also take charge of the conceptual planning and development of your program management systems, including financials, contracts, and schedules. And to bring further value to your project, we’ll leverage our strong relationships with a diverse spectrum of subcontractors to ensure your project has the best people working on it at competitive pricing. You’ll have all the support and information you need to ensure a project that’s safe and successful from start to finish.



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Engineering and Construction

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Operations and Maintenance

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